Dear Members…

Well! what a couple of weeks…sorry if we have been more than a little silent but our computer system maintenance has been taken over by a new company and our email has been down. Never the less here we are again! Hopefully all sorted but didn’t stop us doing lots of other things.

A very special thank-you for Ken Lees stepping up to the mark to design and organising an interim draft sailing calendar. I will attach it here for your information. Please let me know any feedback. RUSH will be off for the MEDWAY YACHT CLUB KEELBOAT REGATTA 28TH-31ST MAY and would love to have some company.

There are also other regatta’s coming up…. RAMSGATE WEEK REGATTA 19TH-23RD JULY

A CINQUE PORTS RALLY for the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Yacht Club arriving at our club on Sunday 11 July for a BBQ…they are hoping to meet up with lots of our local sailors and members.

For those interested we have had an alert from the Dover Port office that the ladies showers in the Wellington Dock are extremely hot and should not be used…this matter will be rectified asap.

I was one of the lucky participants at a commemorative Choral Evensong for HIS LATE ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH on Thursday 22nd April…it was indeed an honour and a most moving service. The even-song celebrated the life of Prince Philip and to remember THE QUEEN and THE ROYAL FAMILY at their time of loss.

There are no more photographs of the works at the club…it will now be a surprise when you attend after the 17th May…OPENING DAY…We will all be here with new and old staff ready and waiting to attend to your every whim. There is a new menu and food will be served 12-3pm. Our new hours will be 12-8pm daily and later if the custom is here to serve. Tuesday dine in will commence Tuesday 25th May and there will be a monthly function to celebrate something/anything that will tempt you to support your club. A Sunday roast will also be organised on a four-weekly rotor. I am very excited for the club to reopen and so look forward to meeting with you all again.

Food for thought…Don’t allow motivational speakers to deceive you….

1…the inventor of the treadmill died at the age of 54

2…the inventor of gymnastic died at the age of 57

3…the world bodybuilding champion died at the age of 41

4…the best footballer in the world, Maradona, died at the age of 60


5…The KFC inventor died at 94

6…The inventor of Nutella brand died at the age of 88

7…imagine, cigarette maker Winston died at the age of 102

8…the inventor of opium died at the age of 116 in an earthquake

9…Hennessey the inventor of brandy died at the age of 98

How did the doctors come to the conclusion that exercise prolongs life…the rabbit is always jumping up and down but it lives for only 2 years and the turtle that doesn’t exercise at all, lives 400 years. So, take some rest, chill, stay cool, eat, drink and enjoy your life. You will still die! I’m sending my Nike trainers back for a refund! …anonymous!

The winner of our one-ton club this month is Derek Meadows with Number 55. Derek has been a long-term member since 1987 so I am certain that there are lots of members who know he is. Dereks yacht is called SHADE.

We have new supply of club regalia available short and long sleeved, warm or cool to wear, caps and burgees. The old stock…there is very little of that left, is being sold out at half price. Get in quick or you will miss out.

Take care and see you in the club shortly…



19th MAY 2021

Dear Members…

It is with a heavy heart that we write this week. Firstly and very importantly we have lost our Patron, HRH the Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. Many of you would have seen our website condolences but for those who have not I will insert it here…

One of our talented members, Jacky Silcox, has created a very special sympathy card to send to HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN on the passing of HRH the PRINCE PHILIP the DUKE of EDINBURGH.

I am indeed very sad that we have witnessed the passing of our Patron. HRH the Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh was our patron for an incredible 63 years.

Although most of us will have received our Covid inoculations, we are now in a better position to mix with our friends and family. I would request of you that we spare a thought for some of our members who are suffering from the other BIG “C”. Where possible I ask of you, to support THE BRITISH CANCER charities, who are working to rid us of this terrible disease.

And only today we have heard that another of our treasured members has passed away…DENNIS CARTER…Director of Just Tickets. Dennis joined our club in January 1995 and was a much loved and loyal supporter. We send our heartfelt condolences to his wife Vera at the loss of her best friend and loved husband.

On a happier note the restoration for the club is nearing completion. The painter/decorator completes his work in two more days and the builder will complete the frame for the glass wall on the verandah by the end of next week. The glass will then be supplied and fitted. There is still lots to do and I would ask that if there are any volunteers out there that want to make a difference within the club please do not hesitate to contact me or Judith as soon as possible.

Our treasured Dena has been in polishing all the brass…I did not realize just how much there was! And of course, Peter Knight who is constantly updating our web page. Well done and thank you both!

As we get closer to our opening date it is important that we are able to get further staff. Unfortunately we have lost Lee Sansum to a better job working within the covid organisation. He will be hard to replace as he did all of the shifts that no one else wanted. Please, I ask you, to spread the word…we need staff to cook at lunch times and weekends and afternoon/evening bar shifts. I will take this opportunity to suggest to you that our trading hours change to something more reasonable during these changing times…MON TO SATURDAY 12 noon – 8pm excluding Tuesday which will close after Tuesday night Dine-in and SUNDAY 12 noon – 5pm or later if required. Lunches will be served between 12.30pm -3.00pm. Of course when we have a function those nights closing times will be as required. OPENING DATE 17TH MAY 2021.

I leave you with something to test your skills…How many can you find?

Take care and stay safe…JIM WHITE …COMMODORE




Dear Members….

Well sorry that I have bombarded you with quite a few things this week but please bear with me and delete what is of no interest to you.

The painting is rolling along or should I say rolling on ….what a difference a coat makes! Gary Barrell, one of our newest committee members, has helped me or really he has done most of the work in demolishing the verandah window…it was so very close to falling in!

I have been told the timber has been delivered and the frame for the glass is under construction. What a difference that will make for the verandah…Judith is on the look out for some new tidy verandah furniture.

The plants are all waking up from winter and will be well out in bloom when you next visit. Remember May 17th!

Judith has forwarded to you the Medway Yacht Club Keelboat Regatta poster and categories for the 28th to 31st may 2021. Looks good and a great opportunity to get out there and shake the cobwebs from those yachts and motor cruisers!

I know how very disappointing our last season was and then the dreaded Covid arrived, so I do so hope that this season will give us all a chance to get out there on the water. I know I am certainly excited about getting out myself.

I have thoroughly blitzed the Blue ensign File and many of you have received notification that you permits were either out of date or due for renewal soon. From now on Judith will send out a renewal notice the month before your permit expires. If we have missed you or if you want to apply for a Blue ensign permit, one of the greatest of opportunities to you as members of a Royal club.

Unfortunately a very dear old member of ours, DENNIS CARTER, has been seriously unwell, but is well on the way to recovery in hospital. We all wish you well Dennis and a very swift recovery. I look forward to seeing both you and Vera in the club on our opening in May.

Take care and stay safe….





Dear Members…

One week closer… anxiously waiting to open but needless to say there so much happening here in your club house.

THE PAINTERS ARE IN!!! just having them start is like a miracle!

They are painting through up to the kitchen and down to the men’s bathroom and the foyer and hall. Filling all the cracks and glueing dropping lining paper has made the world of difference.

All hardware, pictures and boards have been removed so they have a clean slate to work with.

And our trusty Dena is here cleaning the paint and grime off these and polishing and where necessary painting them like new!


Have you visited the website lately?

What a change there, although still incomplete Peter Knight has made incredible inroads. Some new and some old!

We now have a Situations Vacant page with three positions advertised.

And there is a place you can give away or sell those extra bits we all have laying around our boats, or seek that item that will just make everything perfect.  Just check out the For Sale, Wanted and Free to Take  page.

If you have anything for this page please just send details to   All we ask is that you advise us when sold or gone, and so the page does not get too cluttered we are suggesting a two month’s posting per advert.

Sarah has advised new opening hours for the shop.




AND… Roger Moore commonly known as 007, has all your details now together with labels, we now have car and boat stickers, and your new cards are nearly ready to be mailed to you. As you are aware you would usually collect you cards in the bar so as a treat we will be mailing these to you. Please ensure we have your correct details so your card does not go missing.

And something to give you a laugh for a change….just a bit of fun…

Take care and stay safe…get that second Jab!





Dear Members…

We are reaching fever pitch here at the club…there so much happening with the painters moving in. Dena is still patch painting and gardening and then Gary Barrell one of our new committee members came to give a hand and muscle to gut the mint from the seaside garden. That was indeed a chore and very heavy work. Both Dena and Gary make a great team. Gary left elated to have something legal of interest to do during these covid lockdown regulations. He has suggested he will return with his wife Julie to venture further into our garden.

Well, all can I say, is a job well done all and keep up the good work!

Something that may be of interest for someone who wants a project.

Dennis Shopton has his yacht on the Dover Marina…Jeanneau Sunrise 1985…for sale on ebay. I have attached the details as to where to can all the specifications of the yacht on ebay…current bid is £6200? This may have changed as you read … needs lots of work hence the project! Dennis and his yacht sailed home from the USA some time ago but his lifestyle has had a move in a different direction.

The photo was when the yacht was out of the water at Dover Boatyard in 2017.

Winner of our ONE TON CLUB was Debbie Lawrence with number 6.

Well done Debbie…spend you £100 wisely or may just a good fun drink would be more to order. Whatever you choose to do just enjoy!

I love this photo of happier times in France.

Please take care every one and as you well know you can now go sailing with one other crew. We are definitely moving towards a final solution.

All is in line for a 17th May opening. BUT it will be back to the most recent rules still of 6 only on a table 1 yard opps! I have to say metre nowdays, apart and only 30 in a function. There will be full table service which I find more appropriate for our club anyway…it is nice to have a little additional attention!

Take care and stay safe…