Dear members….

Boris’s roadmap! Yes! At last a positive step forward…for us it will be a PROMISE OF MAYBE OPENING ON THE 17TH May! Whilst it is a fair way away it is indeed something to look forward to. It also gives us a guide to when our scheduled maintenance is to be completed. What a pleasure it will be to see club members, friends and visitors again frequenting our bars and dining rooms. Judith is constantly looking for new food ideas and menus. Kate will return as your chef and we are looking now for someone to take over the lunchtime cooking. Vicki is keen to recommence her lunch time shift and as is Lee his night and weekend work. We will of course also need someone to cover every second weekend in the bar. So if you know of anyone with a good touch in the kitchen or the bar please let us know.

The club will have had many areas made-over so you can bring your friends into a freshly decorated foyer, timeline end of April, updated bar and Lord Warden Room, timeline mid March, and verandah window repairs, timeline end of March. (approximate completion dates) We will have a clubhouse that you can indeed be proud to be a member.

As you are all aware our Patron H.R.H. The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, K.G.K.T. has been unwell of late.

We all wish him a speedy recovery.

In the next few weeks you will receive your new membership cards. Roger has made great headway in the redesigning of the database and has made the system more simple with mail merge for letters, labels and additional lists such as a yacht and yacht owners list. He will be in touch for you to update any information that may be incorrect. In particular I am updating the blue ensign Warrant list and there are some out of date or nearing expiration. I would love to hear from anyone new wishing to purchase a warrant, after all this one of the privileges we have in being a Royal club.

A very special thank you to Clifford for ZOOM PRESENTATION that the CRUISING ASSOCIATION screened last Tuesday and the week before. I have had many positive comments on the knowledgeable presentation. It was enjoyed by all who viewed and they are all looking forward to further presentations.

Our very own Bernard, the RYA representative for East Kent, reported to us regarding the local AGM. Points he reported for our information are as follows…

*ROYAL TEMPLE are anticipating that they will be able to organise RAMSGATE WEEK this year. They will advise details as time goes by.

*RYA EAST KENT now have a direct contact with BORDER FORCE to discuss entry and exit etc. issues…Bernard will try to arrange an information night for the club after the club opens.

*Bernard advised that club membership across this area is down on an average of 6% in this area. Our membership has held its own with some new members through the year, 2020, and only a couple of resignations in the new year, 2021. Thankyou indeed for your support.

*Bill shepherd is still the RYA representative with the Dover Harbour Board.

*I, Bernard, am re-elected as the RYA representative for East Kent.

*for those interested, THE CRUISING CONFERENCE will be on line, see the RYA website. It is usually very goo and free for RYA members.

Remember…club mugs still for sale and can be mailed, £3.50, or left on you yacht for you … £7.50 each.

So all that said we can finally see things changing, spring is on its way and that means SAILING and BOATING for us all, and with sweet memories of enjoying our club house.

Take care one and all, stay safe…






Dear Members…

How refreshing … snow! Trust you are all ok and that you have not had any damage due the Beast from the East!

Sunday being the first Sunday in the month was the draw for the ONE TON CLUB. The winner this time was DAVE FORD fondly known as English or Faulklands.

What a shame Dave you cannot spent your money here enjoying yourself but I am certain you will find a way to celebrate. Congratulations!

I was sipping my coffee yesterday and thought maybe there were club members out there that would like to purchase some of our signature coffee mugs.

It is certainly the weather to be inside sipping on your soup and coffee and these are perfect for that and again supports your club.

These look great when on your yacht and you have visitors or you are overseas, yes the day will come when we can do that again, or any where, whichever port you are in even just relaxing here in the marina.

Mugs are £7.50 each and can be couriered to your door for £3.50 per kg. (2 mugs).

That’s all today…stay safe…take care…





19 January 2021

Dear Members…

Sorry we missed a week but my secretary needed a break! But we are back and at it all again.

I trust this finds you all well and happy and anxiously waiting for the dreaded covid jab if you have not already had it. It is certainly the beginning of the end of all this lockdown and no! you cannot open yet! I am certain many of you are looking forward to your return to the club. I know Vicki, your lovely lunchtime gal, is very keen to return to work! As I am sure the others are as well…we have a good team at the moment but we are still looking for some one to replace Judith with the cooking at lunchtimes. And without the opportunity weather wise to have even a gentle lone sail we are getting a little tired of all these restrictions.

Please can we all give a thought to Sarah and her family tomorrow (Wednesday) as they say their final goodbye to their well loved mother and grandmother. Details are as below but remember the restrictions! Invitation only!

I have had one book review from Benj’s book. For those of you who have considered purchasing this book and have not already done so, Dena Slaughter said it was quote…Just to say how much I enjoyed reading Benj’s book about the trip around the British Isles. Some amazing passages and experiences en route, which reminded me of sailing days with Bob. It was like reading a really good log book, with wonderful pictures to enhance the trip, so I wish him luck with it and hope club members will enjoy it as much as I did.

For those of you who have bought Christmas raffle tickets…these will be carried forward for our ‘HUMBUG CHRISTMAS IN JULY DINNER’ We had prizes donated and instead of food hampers for the main prize we will indeed have something extra special. These tickets will again be available as soon as we can reopen.

Remember your membership is due…please call Judith to do a direct debit transaction in the office and she will forward you a copy of your receipt. We have had a good response and we really appreciate your support. The club must go on.

The 150 year brochure committee are all working to get some special history of our club together, both young and old. If you have anything, photos, stories, memorbillia that may make a good story, please let us know or just slip it through the door so the committee can continue to work on this project during lockdown. Remember that we have had two club houses during this time so we need to include our first club as well!

Take care…stay safe…






Dear Members…

Well what can I say…yet another lockdown…will this ever end…Yes indeed it will!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for us oldies…that is the over 70’s! we are to get our vaccination first…is this good or are we just the guinea pigs? Of course it is good…I jest! May we be open at the very least by the end of March.

I am regularly on the marina these days and if there is anyone who cannot get to their boat to check all is ok please do not hesitate to let me know and I will do a spot check for you and report back. The wind is up again so I think it is important that we all ensure our boats are safe and secure.

Of course the One Ton club draw has come and gone again. The lucky winner is Laurance Eva. He was most happy with his win…brightened his day immensely. Cheque is in the mail Laurie.

Please remember that it is ‘renewal of membership’ time. It has been a sad year for the club and we need your support to keep our club alive.

Please call the office in the New Year and Judith can deal with your payment enquiries. The office will be open on a needs basis but Judith is available on her mobile…07999086755 or you can pay by the old-fashioned method of a cheque or you can set up a Standing Order or pay by Direct Debit, and/or Bank Transfer.

Bank details are…


SORT CODE 401923


Please all take care until this COVID19 can be controlled. May it be sooner rather than later!