The club runs a comprehensive racing program for 8 months of the year.

The racing normally takes place on a Saturday morning with occasional full weekend races when we combine with the cruising section to visit neighboring ports.

Although the racing is competitive, it is conducted in a very friendly manner, our ultimate aim is to get as many boats out on the water as possible. Some crews take it very seriously while others see it as an opportunity to sail in the company of other boats.

The program has something for everyone, from racing around the harbour to full offshore events when we cross the English Channel. One of the best ways to improve sailing skills and gain valued experience is to race regularly.

Skippers are often in need of extra crew, so contact the club to get your name on the crew register.

Date                                                              Race Event             Start Time

9th July 2022                                                     Uptons Folly (deal outfall)   07:19

10th July 2002                                                                                                 08:29

23rd July 2002                                                    E Downs View                     07:47

6th August 2022                                                Hythe Ranges                     05:13

10th September 2022                                      Harbour race                      11:58

17th September 2022                                      Metropol Hotel                   04:09

1st October 2022                                              Hythe Buoy                         02:38


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